Since we live the Aizu area

known for the natural resources

this dish is a must … Bandai tsuke . 

In Japan beef is well known .

The locals of Aizu eats basashi ( horse

meat ) for main means of having

protein . Try some . 

Today we have one of the best

sake for sale by the glass . Try one

because we don’t know when the

next will be . @ 1,300 glass . 

One of the best sake in
Koriyama . This is the product
of Iida Honkei 15 % volume . So
delicious that for sure you will
come back for sure .

Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese.

One of the best plum wine
in the country . They come in
two sizes . Try and know
you will have another glass .

Fukushima can always be
proud of sake . Here is
one of the best .


Sparkling wine that was
introduced during the Ise
G8 conference 2016. Try a glass .

This sake known as Roman
is just right for Ladies .
It is light in taste . The
image of label is for spring .
Please try a glass know you will
enjoy Roman sake .

Dassai 50 one of the best
produce of Japan sake .
300ml for ¥ 1,500 .