Another beautiful art to see .
We call it ” haiku ” . It is
like poem .


Bandai Atami Onsen is
becoming an art conscious
town .This is the first part
done with the partnership of
Fukushima University students .

When I am very tired
or stress , I just sit
and look to this . How
just natural and satisfying .

This patch work was given
by my friend in USA .
She wanted to make it very
Japanese . Thank you for the
love and thoughtfulness .

For Mothers Day so many wonder
memories and gifts but this
was best, from my sweetie .

Japanese are fond of what we
called ” Taki Komi gohan ” meaning
every ingredient are cooked
together with rice . A friend
gave me this , bamboo shoot gohan .
Yummy .

The river at the back of the inn is
named Gohyaku Gawa. It means
500th river . Yes , it’s so
from Kyoto going to northern Japan .

20 years ago , this calligraphy
was written by my teacher . How
I miss her now .

Together we will help
one another . Go go go

My granddaughter is a dancer .
A young lady now .