As for me in this world

there isn’t anything as precious as

a letter . Might be traditional but

I feel so much love in this. 

Haven’t upload for awhile .

Its too hot so today had to

have this . Japanese ice candy . 


I didn’t know that Koriyama had

this special tea . Must try .

For a person who loves roses

just can’t help but admire this .

Want a bush .

As it is done every year ,

have done some bottles of

Ume shu . 

When you are so near to the place

usually don’t go at all . Today , I ate

at this local eatery , was good . 

My sweetie gave me a letter .

So sweet and touching .

What more could you ask .

Love you too . 


Blueberry about to be harvested .

Come and join the fun . 

A simple dinner yet so

yummy .  I could have this

every meal .

Every Sunday at the Bandai Atami

train station we have giveaway

of this toothpick holder of origami .

Come have some .