The only time you can have
fresh blueberries is during
summer . So sweet so delicious .

It’s very rare for me to
have a pedicure done . Since
it’s summer had this color .

They say it is raining
season but it is so dried .
Rain when will you come .

Love the sunset .
I wonder if this color
will be the same tomorrow .

My granddaughter has a dream .
So this is her idea . I love it .

When this universe is
full of nature and at
times make you wonder what
it is . This is cloud that
looks like sea . So beautiful .


I love drinking tea.
So when you see that the tea
you are about to drink was
named Happiness , it will
make your day great .

I love cheese but with
this , it’s no no for me .
Can’t take chilly food .

The very first lady pilot
I ever flew with . Awesome .

The world has so many wonderful
places but in all we do there is
only love to make you feel
comfortable .