From a friend so sweet .
Her gift is even sweeter .
Thankful .

I have used this pot
for 40 years now should I
dispose it or not . The last
set of utensils my father gave
for my wedding . Special remembrance .

I came across this beautiful
post which uplifts my heart .
How wonderful nature can be .

This brand has started
at this city now became
the one of best in the
country .

I have always love eating
bread . The best are those
with raisin and nuts but
if there are some with other
fruits the better .

In Japanese New Year Mochi
shares an important meaning
for luck . So today we shared
this with our employees .

They say it brings luck but
why is it white and black ?

One of the best cheese
sweets given by a friend .
Thank you .

A very coincidence that friends
do see one another at the same
place and time . A blessing.

It is so classic yet at
shopping malls and department
stores they still decorate
to let you know the season is here .