Every year as I see this
fruit , reminds me that
autumn is here .

I alway love the word
” Okaeri na sai ” which means
welcome back . Good to have
anyone come back .

Every year we have Yosakoi
Matsuri lots of fun and dance .
Come and join us .

The nature is so silent
today . What a blessing
to be here . Solemn .

When you are given gift of
love then weight doesn’t
matter . Thank you

In Japan we have what we call
” Okaeshi ” it is a gift when you
go to a party . This time it was
this .

In every world of
competition there is always
the top . In sumo we have
Yokozuna . Saw one .

It’s already September
how fast can days pass by .
Autumn is here again .

After summer vacation people
try to have lighter meal . Mine is
yogurt .

For those who cant drink
alcohol drinks there are
so many that are not yet
looks alcoholic .