Japanese are fun of matcha
to improve their health .
This is very modern. The
mixture of two cultures .

There is snow yet on
top of the mountain at
this time of the year .
How beautiful is Mount Adatara .

This fall has changed its shape
since the 3 – 11 earthquake .
What nature can do is so amazing .

One of the best cherry tree in Japan .
This tree has lived for more than
thousand years . Shine , rain or snow .
During peace and war .

After the cold season
spring comes . Your heart
dances with joy of just
seeing the signs of season .

Sakura is almost in full
bloom . Today I will post
one beautiful one .


Just by the Bandai Atami train
station , there are beautiful Ume
trees . Come and see them .

Collaboration of both
fruit and sweet . Very
typical Japanese . Love especially the matcha .

When strawberries are presented
this way , you will love it .
Now is it dessert or not .

These words could make
you cry .Thank you for the
thoughtfulness .