It is the time of the year
for matsuri ( festival ) . Here
they celebrate the having
of onsen on these dates . Come
and join . Lots of fun . image

Have this sake which is
very clear . Made for this
Summer season . image

There is information map for
our onsen town which is useful
when you go for walk . Please
pick it at front desk . image

The very first product of Koriyama Winery .
It’s so delicious you should try this .
There weren’t much produced so
hurry and have a shot or two . Call front desk . image

It is with pride that we serve
you what our Olds left us . One
traditional food is Miso Mame . image

Any place in the inn , from today
you could use the free Wi-Fi .
Hope with this your stay will be
more enjoyable .

We have hand made dessert that we
could be proud of . The base is milk
with fruit of the day ., image

The home made jam of the
local Apple is on sales by now .
For purchase check the petite
store by the front . image

One tradition of Japanese New Year
cuisine is osechi . This is one part of it . image

It is only a day to finish and start
another year so everyone is in
hurry . Thanks to the thoughtfulness
of the guest , the best break fast foods . image