Where nature is abundant
Where people gather ; laughter heard and special banquet.
Delicious food and delightful peaceful time that flows, the leisure of smoothing your body and soul in the Onsen is what Hatago Shouhaku is all about.

Features of Hatago Shouhaku

Come and visit us either for overnight or a dip where you could feel the hospitality of Hatago Shouhaku.

The Gohyaku Gawa that runs by and the fall makes your soul so relax especially when you take dip in the open bath.

The traditional irori food, the traditional country dishes awaits you with heartful hospitality.

Come with family, friends and associates even just to hang around for a dip or a cup of Matcha tea. We will be waiting for you.



facility-01Lobby … Ipukuya Azumifacility-03Shop Yorozuya
◆ Rooms 17 rooms … Capacity of 70 guests
・ Japanese room max capacity of 4 people – 12 rooms
・ Special Japanese room max capacity 6 people – 2 rooms with Hinoki semi-open bath and Kotatsu
・ Japanese room max people of 7 people
・ Western style room – 2 rooms (NO room serve)

◆ Banquet room Tousei … Zensui
◆ Karaoke room Fuurabou
◆ Lobby … Ipukuya Azumi
◆ Irori banquet room Utatane
◆ Public bath … Takine
◆ Public bath … Kajika
◆ Open public bath … Seseragi
◆ Shop Yorozuya