for reservation

What is the time limit for reservation ?
Can credit card be used in payment ?
How much is the tax for bath / hot spring ?
Can we use the place for bath only ?

For overnight stay

What is the time for check in and check out ?
What time is the last check in ?
For any anniversary / celebration, do you have any plan ?
Do you have curfew ?
Can i send my luggage ?
What are the facilities / amenities ?
Questions ask about shop ?
Can internet be used ?
How is the radio wave / reception of cellphone ?
Use of Karaoke room
Can i ask for masseur ?
Will toddler / below grade school child be allowed to stay ?
Due to my pregnancy, i am worried about the foods and public bath ?
Do you have pick up service ?
Can we bring our pet ?
Is there ski course nearby ?
Is there a golf course nearby ?
When is the best time for Sakura sightseeing ?
When is the best time for Koyou / autumn leaves sightseeing ?

About the foods / menu

What are the contents of Hatago zen ?
Please teach me your dinning place ?
What is the starting time for dinner / supper ?
What time does breakfast start ?
Do you have lots of drink menu ?

For room and public bath

Let me know about your room
What is the time for public bath ?
May i ask about public bath and open bath ?
Please teach me the quality and the cure of onsen
Can you just come for a bath even without overnight stay ?

transportation and Tourism

Do you have parking space ?
How do we get access to your inn ?
By train, how do i access ?
Any sightseeing place you could recommend ?
From the inn, any place we can go by walking ?