for reservation

What is the time limit for reservation ?
From 8 AM to 10 PM
Can credit card be used in payment ?
Yes, Visa, UC, Master card, Nicos, and Dinners card only
but please note that when it is a special plan, credit card CANNOT be used
How much is the tax for bath / hot spring ?
Per person per overnight 150 yen ; for non overnight 100 yen ; child is free
Can we use the place for bath only ?

For overnight stay

What is the time for check in and check out ?
Check in 3 PM check out 10 AM
What time is the last check in ?
In preparation for dinner / supper, the latest c/in will be 8 PM
If you will be late, please call us
For any anniversary / celebration, do you have any plan ?
Yes, we do …. please check our website or call us
Do you have curfew ?
For safety reason, the main door will close at 12 midnight.
Can i send my luggage ?
Yes, you can. How would you like it to be sent ?
What are the facilities / amenities ?
Television, telephone, refrigerator, western style toilet, electric pot and heater / air conditioner

Japanese style pajama yukata / samui, hand towel, toothbrush, bath towel, comb, brush, shower cap, shaver, skin lotion, hair tonic, hair lotion, after shave lotion, cotton buds and cotton puff

Questions ask about shop ?
The shop that is located at 1F, we sell items regarding cosmetics, locally made products and products made from hot spring water.
We have small convineient store for Japanese sake, wine, canned beer, non alcohol drinks and soft drinks.
Can internet be used ?
Free use of internet at 1 F
How is the radio wave / reception of cellphone ?
NO problem with Docomo, AU and Softbank
Use of Karaoke room
You have to reserve for the room which is 3,000 yen plus consumers tax of 8 % 240 yen
Can i ask for masseur ?
Yes,the service will be in your room either 30 or 60 minutes course
Will toddler / below grade school child be allowed to stay ?
Any child of any age will be welcomed to stay
We do have yukata / samui for the child but for babies of 0 age will not be provided
Due to my pregnancy, i am worried about the foods and public bath ?
For those who are pregnant, we suggest that you take the special room which has bath room of its own. Our hot spring is excellent for those who are pregnant and hope that you will enjoy the public bath too.
Do you have pick up service ?
Yes, we have but you have to let us know beforehand. Our service will be ONLY at BandaiAtami Train Station
Can we bring our pet ?
We are sorry NO PETS ALLOW
Is there ski course nearby ?
There are 4 places which is about 30 minutes to one hour from the inn
Is there a golf course nearby ?
There is one which is 30 minutes, Koriyama Atami CC
When is the best time for Sakura sightseeing ?
Every year usually it is in the middle part of April, but depending on the temperature varies from time to time. Please check at our website for daily update.
When is the best time for Koyou / autumn leaves sightseeing ?
Normally it is between the end of October to the start of November

About the foods / menu

What are the contents of Hatago zen ?
Hatago means tavern, so the food served are from county dishes. This meals comes in our original box made by one of the famous carpenter of the city. We have nishinn sansou tsuke ; yansai : horse beef ; kotsu yu ; tempura ; soba ; and desserts.
Please teach me your dinning place ?
Until 4 persons, you may dine in your room for dinner / supper
If you are more than 4 persons, you will have a private dinning place
Your breakfast will be ready at 2 F from 7:30 to 8:45
What is the starting time for dinner / supper ?
Usual dinning time is 6 PM and 7 PM
What time does breakfast start ?
Usually breakfast is from 7 :30 AM to 8 : 45 AM
If you need breakfast earlier than our usual time let us know before hand. Please be noted that we might be able to serve you at certain time.
Do you have lots of drink menu ?
yes, we have from draft beer, to shouchu, to famous Japanese sake and wine. Soft drinks too.
Can you change menu for person with allergies ?

For room and public bath

Let me know about your room
The rooms are located on 3 F to 5 F
The typical Japanese of 10 tatamis has two views. One with river view and other where the beautiful mountain can be seen. The typical country train runs from time to time. We also have the special room wherein there is ” KOTATSU ” ; private onsen bath tub. Western style room for those who would love to sleep on bed.
What is the time for public bath ?
Our public bath has 3 places but of which one is connected. The open bath and Hinoki bath are connected. The other one is Takine. These bath will be shared by both genders, so at 8 PM and 8 AM the curtains will be changed. So please note the time of bath will change for open bath.
May i ask about public bath and open bath ?
The public bath is located along the Gyohyaku Gawa Five Hundred Riverside and it is beautiful and relaxing the whole year long. The open bath will be for Ladies use till 8 PM after which will be
Please teach me the quality and the cure of onsen
〔 The quality is of simple alkaline hot spring which makes your skin smooth.
〔 Known to have effect on these nerve pains ; muscles pains ; articular joint pains ; stiff and painful shoulders ; hemorrhoid ; motor paralysis and burns
Can you just come for a bath even without overnight stay ?
Yes, we do have this service on Saturday and Sunday between 11 AM to 3 PM
for per person will be 800 yen

transportation and Tourism

Do you have parking space ?
Yes, we do have parking space, free of charge for 25 cars
How do we get access to your inn ?
From Tokyo by Tohoku Express way to Koriyama Junction by Baetsu Express way get down Bandai Atami IC ; 5 KM to the inn
For Tohoku Region take Tohoku Express Way to Koriyama Junction by Banetsu Express Way that will take you to Niigata get down at Bandai Atami IC, 5 KM to the inn
By train, how do i access ?
By Tohoku Shinkan sen to Koriyama Station take Baetsu West Line to Bandai Atami Station ; walk for 15 minutes or taxi ride of 3 minutes for 690 yen to the inn. Please note that from Koriyama Station a train will leave ONLY ONCE every hour
Any sightseeing place you could recommend ?
By 20 minutes by car you could go to Lake Inawashiro which has a beautiful view of Mount Bandai. Known as the largest lake in Tohoku
Near the lake, you can see Dr. Hideo Noguchi’s birth place ; Glass shop ; and beer brewery
if you go little further Urabandai ; Aizu Wakamatsu City ; Kitakata City ; and Ouchi Jyuku will be a great place to see.
From the inn, any place we can go by walking ?
We have the Yomogi Yama, where you can enjoy the natural resources.
If you go little further we have the Zelkova trees which are more than 250 years old.
From the inn it will take around 30 to 40 minutes to walk around the place. If you have time have a walk.