Celebration of children of
age 7,5 and 3 . My grandson
celebrates this year .

Typical Asians love eggplant .
In Japan it’s one we love
to cook it with seasonal art .

I am always amazed with
Japanese culinary . Just a look
at it you will know the season .
Now can you tell me what you
see to know it’s autumn ?

Everyday is so different from
another . Today is one of this
wonderful one . So thankful .

When the color of the
leaves turn to these then
for sure some will fall .

We are crazy about tomatoes .
We were given the best . Thank you .

When a thing has been in
the family for long then
you will loved it .This is our very
first .

We only have less than 2 weeks .
So what will your trick or treat
be . Am happy got one so early .

A special craft done today .
I wonder if this was right
but am glad was able to do it .

When I was younger , whiskey
was the social drink . Today
I found out that some are
processed like Japanese ones .
So amazing when your used to
Scotland or Irish .