A gift don’t have to be so big .

Today a friend gave me what

I love best . Handmade sweets .

The best of the meal is dessert
for me . Today I had good one .


When spring comes , the
green starts to come out.
How lovely of this .

These tulips are there every
year to remind me of a friend .
First these flowers came in a pot .
Growing by numbers by the year .


The third oldest Sakura tree
in Japan . So beautiful especially
the light up version . Must see .

These Sakura trees belong
to my children . Each one
planted right after first day
of school . Remembering
the days.

Anime lover granddaughter
art . I think it’s awesome .

My granddaughter had
hair cut major one in
many years . See how long it is .

Everyday is study for me .
A verse from this book
makes you learn more .

I hurt my rib , now it’s
so bad . Doctor please .