Silver Star – Recognized inn for Aged and Handicapped


The winner of 4th “HITO NI YASASHI CHIKI NO YADO TSUKURI” (Best Award for Inns for their Role in Making Hospitable Community)

Bandai Atami Hatago Shouhaku was awarded for its effort to make the Aged and the Handicapped and for all people who use or come to the community feel safe and comfortable.

Bandai Atami Hatago Shouhaku contributes to the welfare of all everyone and everything in the community. Thus The Inn was recognized and registered as “SILVER STAR” inn. Please come and visit and enjoy the atmosphere and hospitality of Hatago Shouhaku.


From the entrance, the floor level (ramp)

IMGP0148the front entrance has two stairs
IMGP0036to your right is a slope for wheelchair
IMGP0146Check in at front can be done … while in wheelchair
4Itupukuya at lobby
5The terrace from the lobby
6For wheelchair 1F rest room
8Elevator is available
9Inside elevator
10In ordinary Japanese room the elevation at the entrance to the room is 10cm
11In the special room the entrance has 10 cms elevation
12Ordinary room
13Special room with bath
14Special room with bath
15Barrier free Western style room
16Western room with bath … Entrance of 15cms elevation
17Western room with bath … Entrance of 15cms elevation
18Entrance to public bath(Blue … Gentlemen Red … Ladies)
19Entrance to public bath with 10cms elevation
20dressing room
21wash room
22Handle inside the bath tub … At the entrance with 5cms elevation
23Banister inside the bath tub