From Bandai Atami I.C by car is 5 minutes. Come by.



Japan Railways

Tokyo Train Station ( Tohoku Shinkansen 1 hour 25 minutes ) Kooriyama Train Station ( Baietsu Saisen ( east ) line 15 minutes ) Bandai Atami Train Station ( 3 minutes by car / taxi ) Hatago Shouhaku

By car

From Tokyo by Tohoku Express way ( 2 hours 30 minutes ) Kooriyama Junction to ( 5 minutes ) Baietsu Express way exit at Bandai Atami ( 5 minutes ) to Hatago Shouhaku

* From Iwaki City (Fukushima Prefecture) 1 hour
* From Niigata City (Niigata Prefecture) hour and half


・Sapporo … one hour 20 minutes
・Nagoya … one hour 10 minutes
・Osaka … one hour and 15 minutes
・Fukuoka … one hour and 40 minutes

From Fukushima Airport to Sukagawa I.C (20 minutes by car) to Bandai Atami I.C by the way of Ban Etsu Expressway (5 minutes) to Hatago Shouhaku (5 minutes)

Access Map


Miharu Taki Sakura (30 minutes by car)

This cherry tree is one of the 3 best known in the country . The country has designated this place and tree as Special Place of scenic beauty and the Special Historic Site …
This tree is more than a 1000 years old …
For more information during the blooming season … please click here

Inawashiro Lake (20 minutes by car)

This is the largest lake in Tohoku region . Also is 4th largest in the country otherwise known as Heavenly Mirror Lake( 天鏡湖 Tenkyōko )…
This is the starting of Bandai Asahi National park which is the home of swams during winter flying in from Siberia.

World Glass Art House (30 minutes by car)

Along the Route 49 in Inawashiro Town stands this building.
The wonderful art collection is must to see. You can also make your own glassware. This is must to try.

Noguchi Hideyo Memorial hall (30 minutes by car)

A native of Inawashiro Town, born in a poor family and finds his way to become one of the most famous bacteriologist.
He worked with Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research. and was nominated several times for the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine: in 1913-1915, 1920, 1921 and 1924-1927 … Noguchi was also known for his contribution on research of syphilis and yellow fever in South America and Africa. He dies of yellow fever in Africa but his body lies in Woodlawn Cemetery New York, USA together with his wife. Today you could see Dr. Hideo Noguchi on 1,000 bill.

Ski area

Inawashiro Ski area (35 minutes by car)
Listel Ski area (35 minutes by car)
Altsu Bandai Ski area (40 minutes by car)
Grand Deco Ski area (60 minutes by car)

Tsuruga Castle (50 minutes by car)

Otherwise known to historian as Kurokawa Castle built 1384 …
sooner to be owned by Hoshina Masayuki the grandson of Ieyasu Tokugawa. At the Battle of Boshin, the castle was half damaged thus the downfall of the Tokugawa regime. The start of modern Japanese Government and modernization of this country. The castle was rebuilt in 1965 to the fullest. Today this is a museum.

Urabandai Goshiki Swamp (50 minutes by car)

This swamp’s main beauty is that in one whole swamp it has 5 colors which differs whe and where the sun shines. This place was accidentally made by the eruption of the volcano in 1888.
The beauty of this place is must see regardless of the season. The carps in the lake are so amazing especially try finding one with pink heart which they say brings two partner to bind into one heart.

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